Photonics Research at St Andrews

The School undertakes research in both theoretical and experimental areas of photonics. There is a significant interaction with industrial organisations, part of which is led by our Photonics Innovation Centre. We provide links below to the pages maintained by the various research groups.

The Wellcome Trust is funding strategic support at St Andrews to strengthen research at the interface of chemistry, biology, physics and medicine. These would typically be a precursor to more substantive funding. Details may be found at this website:

Ultrashort pulse laser

Laser Physics & Technology

Ultrashort pulse lasers
Nonlinear optics
Photonics innovation centre

Nikon microscope specially adapted for biophotonics

Biophotonics & Optical Manipulation

Biophotonics collaboration
Optical trapping
Single-molecule biophysics
Soft Matter Photonics
Biointegrated photonics

Semiconductor material engineered in the School for photonic waveguiding


Organic semiconductor centre
Synthetic Optics
Theory of Quantum Nanomaterials

Polymer light emitters

Semiconductor Optoelectronics

Polymer optoelectronics


Theoretical metamaterials to create an invisibility cloack

Quantum Optics & Information

Experimental quantum optics
Cold atoms
Quantum optics & information

Passive mm-wave hand with temperature coding

mm-Wave & High-Field ESR

ESR Applications
Millimetre-wave physics and THz technology
High-field EPR
Parametric THz generation
Terahertz instrumentation